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The forum layout

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Just to mention I really like the fomat of the craft bits forum. I like how easy it is to use. Although the DKY is fine I really like this style. its very easy to navigte. Are we getting a board like this one?

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We could...... but we would probably lose all the old posts. :cry:

As with this forum, I could leave the old forum as a "read only" forum - it would really be up to all the current members to decide.

I like this forum too :D - and there are a lot more features. This type of forum is used on a lot of existing forums that you probably all already visit.

The only problem is that it uses a data base and the DKY site hosting doesn't have one. So I would have to move the hosting again or host the forum elsewhere. Sorry if that is getting technical - just thinking out loud really.... :notsure:
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