New Responsive Website FEEDBACK

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New Responsive Website FEEDBACK

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We would love some feedback on our new Responsive Design.

What does Responsive mean? The website resizes pictures and pages depending upon what device or screen size you are using.

On our original website the text can look very small, and the pages be a bit fiddly, on Mobile devices. As more and more customers use mobiles to browse the web, we wanted to make their experience as good as possible, which is why we have redesigned the website.

You can find the new design on the following temporary link.

We will shortly we removing the original website and replacing it with this new one.

Feel free to bookmark it or any other page on the temporary website, they will still work when the site is moved - clever behind the scenes things make this happen :lol:

We would love some feedback before we remove the original website as we want to make sure all customers are happy before we change it.

Therefore please post below (you need to be logged in) or email us on You can also leave feedback on our Facebook Page or on Twitter.
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