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Please Note - you need to be registered to post a new topic, reply to a post or take part in a poll. Registration is very simple, just your name (or nick name), email address and password. There are other optional things but you don't have to fill them in.

You will also need the Security Code which is on this page. This is to stop automatic spammers.

After you have registered you will get an email stating your user name and password. Occasionally we may need to stop automatic registration. If this is in place when you register the email will state this and you may have to wait until Admin activates your membership. Once you have been activated you will receive another email and you can then login and post. This is to stop human spammers.

We do not use your email address for anything and you can 'hide' it from other members in the Profile options section.

One of the best things about registering is that when you login you can see immediately if there are any new posts since your last visit as the icon at the side changes.
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