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Added in March 2024 - Pixel Hobby

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Before the pandemic we had Pixel Hobby items online, but we had to take them offline when they sold out as we were not able to order from them for quite a while.

We have now been able to order from them again and have all the colours we had before online, plus 7 new ones in both XL and Standard.

For anyone who doesn't know Pixel Hobby - let me introduce them :lol:

Pixel Hobby comes in two types -
Standard Pixels (2.5mm square) Image
and XL Pixels (5mm square) Image

Standard Pixels are suitable for ages 6 years to 99+. Image

XL Pixels are suitable for ages 4 years to 99+. Image

The XL pixels are twice as big as the Standard Pixels so perfect for the younger children, but also good for the elderly to keep their mind and hands active. We have also had feedback that XL Pixels are really liked by some Autistic children and adults.

Both Standard Pixels and XL Pixels are sustainably produced from bio-plastics which are 100% recyclable and do not contain toxic materials.

There is no need for gluing or ironing to make your pictures permanent. You can also re-use the pixels (XL ones are easiest) to make new pictures.

We also have Base Plates to put them on in 3 sizes, including the new flexible base, plus Key Ring Bases in 9 colours. On the Accessories page we have Connectors, Tweezers and Magnets. We also have some Design Leaflets for Keyring Bases and Mini Bases.

We know many people love these little cubes and hope you enjoy created your own little pictures.
Carole Image
CPU Enterprises
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