Stitches Trade Show 2013

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Stitches Trade Show 2013

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We had a lovely day yesterday at the Trade Show in Birmingham - would have been better if I hadn't had a cold - but never mind :?

We saw some great new kits and bits we would love to get so please keep an eye on the Craft Kits and Craft Bits websites

Does anyone remember Shrinkies? They were sheets of 'paper' which you coloured in and then shrank in the oven. They shrunk by 7 times and got 7 times thicker. They have now had a modern makeover and come in some great designs. There are also ink-jet sheets that you can print your family photos on and then shrink down to make key-rings, magnets, jewellery etc. We think these will be great for kids but also for serious crafters with lots more ways to use the finished item than before. More details as soon as we can - if you are interested then please let us know.
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