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Posted: 01.06.07 10:17 am
by Beanie
Hi Carole

Missing you all!!!

I get the same as Yvette too! What a nightmare.

The forum idea sounds really good Carole. A whole forum just on knitting. BLISS! Hopefullt all the gang will get the conversations started.

I have been searching for a good Spinning forum and Beading/jewellery its hard to find forums where you fit in and are not over subscribed with members making it hard to follow. If any crafters know any?

Right off to make my knitted beaded bag. (they are so cute)

Let us know what is happening Carole as I am getting itchy fingers now.


Posted: 03.06.07 9:39 am
by Janet
Hi Carole

I have tried using the printer friendly on the knitting forum and it does indeed get me through to look at the posts.

Although I would certainly use a new knitting forum if you set one up as you describe I think it would be very sad to loose all the old posts from the old one. There was a lot of good information there particularly about techniques/hints and tips.


Posted: 08.06.07 10:05 pm
by admin
I have just about finished the new independent knitting forum.

It uses the same system as this but is a different colour.

It is completely empty with no members so please feel free to take a look, register and post.

Posted: 08.06.07 11:45 pm
by Beanie
NOw we can have fun posting all the hints and tips back on the new forum!

Its very exciting I have never been present at the birth of a forum.

Posted: 12.10.07 10:43 pm
by admin
We have had quite a lot of customers ask us to get a move on and create the new DKY forum as they don't always remember to look on here.

The new Independent forum has been a bit slow to take off - if anyone wants to advertise it on their blog etc please feel free.

Therefore I can announce that within a few days the new DKY forum will be complete. It is actually there now if you want to take a look but I still need to get the colours and logo sorted.

If anyone is feeling creative and want to design a logo please feel free. The colours will be similar to the old forum which matched the DKY site - i.e. Blues.

If you want to check it out (you can even register & post) please do. Click HERE to go to the entry page.

Posted: 13.10.07 5:26 pm
by Liz
I've just registered on the new forum, can't wait for everyone to join me!

Posted: 14.10.07 10:41 pm
by admin
The new DKY forum is fully operational with new colours.

The link from the DKY website is now in place.

Still need a nice logo though :?

Posted: 04.06.08 12:20 pm
by admin
just an update - New Logo done on the DKY forum