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knitting cable stitches

Posted: 07.06.07 7:20 pm
by ann
Hi, I realise that this is probably a really stupid question but I cant figure it out, I have been trying to teach myself to knit aran, and i can manage the cables and twists ok but when i change then to the knit or moss or purl stitches that come after the cable i get a row f holes, how can i fix this please, also how do you knit the aran diamond pattern I dont seem to be abale to master that either,. Thanks for reading and helping if you can. Ann :D

Posted: 07.06.07 8:56 pm
by Janet
Hi Ann

I know just what you mean about the holes when you change from the twisted stitches back to normal stitches. I think it is because you are new to aran and are pulling the twisted stitches a bit tight.
Have you tried using a knitting needle to gently even out the tension in the stitches that you knitted a few inches further back down the work.
I find that if I have that sort of hole from aran or from turning sock heels for example that later I can make it look much better by gently pulling the stitches to tighten or loosen the offending stitch.

When you have done more aran you will find the problem is not so bad.

Not sure what the diamond pattern is that you are doing. Can you give more information?

Janet :thumbup:

Posted: 08.06.07 7:27 pm
by ann
Hi Janet, Thanks for that, I am glad to know it should improve, I am fairly new to knitting really and never did even a cable before, I will try to work out the holes as you suggest. The diamond pattern is like a raised outline of a diamond with moss stitch in the centre, I just cant get it to work at all so I think I am either incredibly stupid or missing something. Thanks again. Ann :D

Posted: 10.06.07 8:33 pm
by Janet
Hi Ann

I get the picture of what the diamond pattern is like.

There are 2 types though. Is it done using a cable needle or without?

Let me know and I will try to help.

Are you going to try the new knitting forum? We could do with people like yourself asking questions so that we can get some useful tips on there.

Happy Knitting

Jamet :)

Posted: 11.06.07 2:54 pm
by ann
HI, the diamond I type tried was with a cable needle but any that gave the same effect would be great, in my great lack of wisdom i told daughter i would knit her an aran bedspread for her wedding later this year, and considering i havent knitted anything since she was 3 and neve a cable stitch in my life :lol:
I would love to join your forum and i need all the help I can get, just tell me how and I will.

Posted: 11.06.07 3:49 pm
by admin
ann - the new knitting forum is an independent forum which has just been 'born'. You can find it at *******.

New members always welcome

[sorry the forum has now closed]

Posted: 11.06.07 11:07 pm
by Janet
Hi Ann

My guess is you are being confused by all the abbreviations for the travelling (cable type) stitches in the diamond pattern. They are made complicated by the moss centre as it means the stitches just before or after the travelling edge stitches are sometimes knit and sometimes purl.

The trick is to understand what is happening with the travelling stitches. They are called travelling because they seem to move left or right across the fabric. The rule is if they move right you put the stitch or stitches before the travelling stitches on your cable needle and hold them behind. If they move to the left then you put the travelling stitches on your cable needle and hold them in front.
So right hold behind, left hold in front.

If you sketch out a diamond on paper you can mark on it where the travelling stitches move right and where they move left and keep it by you as you work to remind you what you are doing.

When you get to the top of the diamond you may have a normal type of cable cross over before the next diamond depending on the design.

Once you have got going with the diamond you should be able to look at the moss stitch centre and see if the next stitch should be a knit or a purl.

I hope this helps. If not let me know. When you have done a few diamonds correctly the light bulb will come on over your head and you will say "Oh I see."

Good luck.

Janet :knit:

Posted: 12.06.07 9:26 pm
by Beanie
Oh Ann Bless you

I remember doing cable for the first time. Don't worry about the holes they disappear as Janet says with practice.

I can't give you any better advice than Janet. The first pattern rows are the worst and as Janet says you will look at it and the light will click. Whatever it looks like you will be proud and remember nothing is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.